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Empowering Young Minds Through Innovative STEM Education

Unleashing the Potential of Future Innovators with Cutting-edge Robotics and Programming

Welcome to Aicode Australia

Aicode Australia is a leader in providing innovative STEM education through the use of robotics and AI technology.


Our mission is to inspire and equip students with the skills they need to thrive in a technology-driven world. We offer a variety of programs tailored to different age groups and learning levels, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.


School Incursions

Our school incursions showcase the exciting world of robotics and coding, sparking students' interest and demonstrating real-world applications.

Flying a Drone

After-School Club

These programs offer hands-on learning with various robots, focusing on STEM concepts through project-based learning.

Teacher and Students in Science Class

Holiday Program

Themed projects and activities suitable for children aged 7-16, fostering collaboration and creativity.

Learning with Tablets

Weekend Classes

Advanced programming classes in a small learning environment, tailored to individual student levels.

Solving Your Challenges

For Schools and Teachers
Our programs bring professional expertise and resources directly to your school, enhancing your STEM curriculum.

For Parents and Students
Our programs provide hands-on, advanced learning opportunities that go beyond what is typically offered in schools.

The holiday and weekend programs provide valuable learning experiences that keep children engaged and learning, offering clear value from start to finish.

Our Advantage


Cutting-edge Technology

We use the latest educational products to ensure students receive the best learning experience.


Experienced Educators

Our experienced teachers are all with backgrounds in computer science or robotics.


Comprehensive Support

Continuous support and guidance beyond the classroom to help students excel.


Proven Success

Over 3000 students involved, partnerships with leading schools, and successful robotics competitions.

What Sets Us Apart

Hands-on Activity 

Practical activities that develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Project-based Learning

Students work on projects that enhance understanding and retention of STEM concepts.

Small Class Sizes

Ensures personalised attention and tailored instruction.

Diverse Robotics

Use of various robots to teach different aspects of STEM, making learning versatile and comprehensive.

Our Clients Say

"Our students have been fortunate to participate in your After School Robotics Program. It’s a fantastic opportunity. I’ve observed the students being fully engrossed and engaged while learning about drone programming. "

Katrina Smith | Kinross College

Using a Touch Phone


+61 430 992 417


64 Mill Point Rd, South Perth


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