About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


AICODE Australia is a practitioner of STEM Education, a promoter of DJI Education, and a training platform for innovative and practical programmers.


"Allow children to learn easily. Use cutting-edge technology to awaken everyone's potential and cultivate talents who will lead the future."


Education should be free, open, and learned and tested in practice. Learning is full of fun and challenges. In the process of continuous exploration, trial and error, and correction, each participant builds confidence and perseverance, exercises collaboration skills, and gains a sense of value and satisfaction.


We are establishing an educational platform to share this concept with the whole society through various practical projects, programming training, robot competitions etc.. Everyone who is interested in science and technology, regardless of age or gender, can participate in it and get opportunities for practice and learning.


What We Do


With robots and artificial intelligence as the core, AICODE provides a solution that integrates products, courses and events.


For primary and middle school students, we have DJI RoboMaster EP Core, Tello EDU, RoboMaster Tello Talent and other robotic products, as well as matching phased curriculum systems. In addition, there are also DJI RoboMaster Youth Tournament, Drone Obstacle Competition, Maze Race and other related events.


We are committed to creating a path to cultivate innovative talents covering all school ages, so that every young person can enjoy systematic and high-quality engineering, science and innovation education.

Meet The Team

We are a group of people who love technology and programming education. Every team member is full of passion, vitality and creativity. 


Our teachers are outstanding programming professionals with practical and teaching experience. Their experience of learning and applying programming enables them to have a more thorough understanding of the application of programming in actual work and life, and a clearer understanding of the changes and impact of programming on life. They are very experienced in how to transform complex programming languages and logical thinking into teaching content that is easy for students to accept and understand.


Our goal is to teach programming as a way of thinking rather than a pure programming language, so as to train children to decompose big problems into groups of small problems, and finally find an overall and comprehensive solution by studying small problems .

STEM Education Program Partner

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