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Sphero Bolt Program

Year Group

Y3 - Y 5


2 Terms / 16 Weeks

About the Course

Dive into the exciting world of robotics with our comprehensive Sphero BOLT program. Over two terms, students will engage with a curriculum that blends play-based learning with serious computational thinking, leveraging the Sphero BOLT's diverse capabilities. This program is designed to nurture an interest in STEM and develop crucial problem-solving skills through interactive and immersive activities. 

Program One

The first term introduces students to the basics of robotics and coding through the Sphero Edu app’s Draw and Block interfaces. They will embark on a journey through computational thinking, engaging inactivities that teach decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithm design. Students will undertake tasks like creating animations, navigating mazes, and coding Sphero BOLT to perform various tasks, such as calculating perimeters and exploring geometric shapes. 

Program Two

The second term delves deeper into applied robotics without the complexity of JavaScript programming. Activities will challenge students to utilize BOLT’s advanced sensors and programming capabilities to solve complex problems and understand systems in nature and technology. The projects will reinforce computational thinking and apply these skills in varied and exciting contexts.

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