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Shpero RVR Program

Year Group

Y5 - Y7


2 Terms / 16 Weeks

About the Course

Step into the realm of advanced robotics with our Sphero RVR program, tailored for students in upper primary and middle school. This program combines hands-on learning with computational thinking and engineering, utilizing the robust features of the Sphero RVR. Over two terms, students will deepen their understanding of computer science and robotics through creative and interactive challenges, designed to foster skills in coding, problem-solving, and innovation.

Program One

The first term centers on exploring the fundamentals of robotics using the Sphero RVR's unique capabilities. Students will engage with a variety of sensors and coding platforms provided by the Sphero Edu app. Through structured activities, they will learn to program using Draw, Block, and the beginning of Text coding canvases. Key lessons include navigating obstacle courses, understanding basic programming concepts, and engaging with sensors like accelerometers, gyroscopes, and light sensors. 

Program Two

The second term introduces more complex programming challenges and starts incorporating elements of AI. Students will work with AI concepts to enhance the robot’s decision-making processes. This term aims to provide deeper insights into how robotics can be integrated with emerging technologies to solve more sophisticated problems.

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