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Drone Program Y3 - Y5

Year Group

Y3 - Y 5


2 Terms / 16 Weeks

About the Course

The DJI Tello Talent Drone Program is meticulously designed to introduce younger students to the fundamentals of drone technology and programming. The overarching goal is to cultivate an understanding of drone operations in a variety of contexts—from basic flying techniques to advanced applications such as filmmaking and precision tasks. By integrating STEM principles, the program aims to enhance critical thinking, foster creativity, and develop problem-solving skills. 

Each module of the program is structured to progressively introduce students to more complex drone capabilities and coding tasks, ensuring a deep and engaging learning experience. The program encourages students to explore the practical applications of drones in real-world scenarios such as agriculture, surf life saving, and geographical mapping, promoting a holistic understanding of how drone technology can be utilized in various fields.

Introduction of Drone and Filming

This program introduces students to the exciting world of drone sand their applications. Students will learn about drone safety, basic and complex manoeuvres, camera control, and programming. They will also have the opportunity to plan, shoot, and edit their own drone film. The program covers everything from the basics of drones to the techniques in filmmaking and programming.

Drone Use Within Surf Life Saving

Join this STEM program to embark on a hands-on learning experience that combines the fascinating realm of drones with the power of coding, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities along the way. Through a series of engaging sessions, students will explore practical applications of drones, such as their use in surf life-saving and intelligent tracking and capture. They will also dive into thrilling projects like "Find Me!" where they will apply their coding skills to locate objects. Additionally, students will learn about product delivery using drones, discovering the intricacies of precision landing through mission pads and variables.

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